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PlexxiPulse—Tech Field Day 11 Recap

The Plexxi team had a great time hosting Tech Field Day 11 at our office in Nashua last week. We want to thank all the delegates who attended and everyone who watched our presentations through our live feed and interacted with our team on Twitter. Missed it? You can catch up on all our presentations on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel.

Check out some photos from Tech Field Day 11 below.

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Tech Field Day 11 delegates at the Plexxi office


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Plexxi CEO, Rich Napolitano, welcoming the delegates in his opening remarks


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Mat Mathews,Co-Founder, VP, Product Management, gives an overview of the Plexxi Connect Integration System


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Kevin Tronkowski, Sr. Director Application Engineering, presents on Combined Big Data Analytics and Production Workload Environments


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Delegates tune into Network Workload Visualization presented by Eric Schott, Director, User Experience

Below please find a few of our top picks for our favorite news articles of the week.

eWeek: Hyperconverged Systems Show Promise in Reducing Data Center Complexity
By Jeff Burt
When Derek DePasture joined BluePearl Veterinary Partners as a senior network engineer in October 2014, the company had about 27 locations and 1,300 employees around the country. Within 12 months, those numbers had grown to 56 locations and almost 3,500 employees. The fast-growing chain of emergency and specialty veterinary hospitals had a hub-and-spoke model for its IT infrastructure—all of it being run by about a dozen IT professionals, according to DePasture. “As we’ve grown, we’ve kept a very lean [IT] staff,” he told eWEEK.

Network World: America’s data centers are getting a lot more efficient
By Jon Gold
U.S. data centers have used about the same amount of energy annually over the past five years or so, despite substantial growth in the sector, according to a new report published by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. In the Berkeley Lab’s previous analysis, which was presented to Congress in 2008, it was found that energy usage by data centers was quadrupling every decade – an unsurprising figure given the explosive overall growth in the sector. Data centers in the U.S. consumed 70 billion kilowatt-hours in 2014, the researchers estimated.

Fortune: Data Centers Are No Longer The Energy Hogs They Once Were
By Katie Fehrenbacher
Efforts by some of the world’s largest Internet companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon to reduce the amount of energy their data centers consume is now bearing fruit. According to a new report released on Monday from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the number of data centers has grown rapidly over the past several years to power our connected devices and always-on lifestyles. But the energy needed to support that growth has actually been flat.
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