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Familiar with the term iatrogenics? Essentially, iatrogenic disease is the unintended consequences of medical interventions, like the negative side effects of a prescribed drug. It would be foolish to undertake any medical treatment without understanding the balance of the potential benefit from the treatment against the potential negative effects, right? This seems like a common-sense, but many people endure undesired consequences due to negative iatrogenic effects. Iatrogenics exist in IT Infrastructure as well. Stick with me here…I explain in my latest blog post, Understanding Iatrogenics to get to the “Upside Zone” for IT Infrastructure.

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GCN: Evolving options for on-premises data centers
By Matt Leonard
Ever since cloud computing became a realistic option for large operations, it has dominated the data center conversation. Efforts to consolidate data centers and cut the related operations and maintenance costs have pointed to cloud as a potential option. There are, however, instances when using on-premises computing can be beneficial and necessary. And the terminology in the space has so much overlap that agencies operating an on-prem site often call it a cloud.

FedTech: Moving to Hyperconvergence? First, Know Your Needs.
By Rick Cook
Agencies see a way to reap the benefits of the cloud and to ease the strain of managing additional systems: adopt hyperconverged infrastructures. Hyperconverged systems combine storage, networking and processing in a single appliance and offer a series of advantages. Notably, these systems often are easier to expand and can accelerate application delivery. Better yet, they can save money in hardware, support and maintenance, making them prime candidates to deliver desktops from a virtual machine on a server.

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